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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Caturday: New Years Edition

Whut? Is Caturday already?

I promised cat pictures, and in honor of the first Caturday of the new year, I'll introduce my boy Prophet. He's a doll-faced Persian male born on September 12th, 2010 in the Treasure Grove cattery.

This is Prophet at around six weeks old. He was just one of the litter of white kittens at that time, and I didn't realize he was for me just yet.

Here he is at around eight weeks. Now you can see why I had to have him! He's got one green and one blue eye, called odd-eye in the Cat Fancier's world. And no he's not deaf. That's a myth. Only about 10-20% of odd-eyed white cats are deaf, so it does happen, but not nearly as much as you might think.

But what's with the name Prophet? I have a character in my stories who is an albino with one green and one blue eye--you guessed it--named Prophet. (Al'enshar in the vasgir language, for those in the know.) When I saw this kitten, I knew he was for me. 

Here's a close up.
That's also his Angry Face, inherited from his daddy, Snowman. 

For reference, here is Snowman.

Snowman is one of the most massive cats I have ever seen, and it just blows my mind that one day Prophet will be as huge as this guy. This picture doesn't show it, but Snowman also has that giant tom cat head and the crazy long lion mane fur around his face. One day, this will be my little baby. 

Anyway, more pictures of Prophet! 
He's getting really good at Angry Face, especially when I interrupt his scratching/catnip time for pictures.

His expression here is just classic: "You expect me to *play* with that? Right now?"
I had to get a picture of him because he was sleeping next to the toy after tiring himself out batting it around. Then of course he woke up right as I settled onto the floor. 

BONUS: Prophet and his momma, Dolly, both playing with the bug toy.

Prophet is a very playful kitten, just not once the camera comes out, of course. Even with Angry Face, I just can't get enough of looking at this little guy. He's got the fluffiest fur I've ever felt, and can be really sweet if you catch him at the right time. My only concern is that he's not a cuddler, but I think in time he will come around. Snowman absolutely loves me and begs for petting regularly, so I'm not too worried. Besides, all Prophet knows me for is baths and grooming, which are not his favorite things.

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