shrew (n) :
1. "small mammal," O.E. screawa "shrew-mouse."
2. "peevish, malignant, clamorous, spiteful, vexatious, turbulent woman" [Johnson] c.1386, from earlier sense of "spiteful person" (male or female), c.1250, traditionally said to derive from some supposed malignant influence of the animal, which was once believed to have a venomous bite and was held in superstitious dread.

Synonyms: amazon, battle-ax, bitch, calumniator, carper, dragon, fire-eater, fishwife, fury, harpy, harridan, hell cat, hellion, hussy, madcap, muckraker, nag, ogress, scold, she-wolf, siren, spitfire, termagant, tigress, virago, vixen, wench

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

On Becoming a Freelance Writer

Check out the new blog by my business partner about freelance writing. Her first post answers many of the questions we get about how to become a freelance writer.

"Rarely does a day pass without one of my well-meaning friends inquiring about how to become a freelance writer. It’s no hidden fact that I write from home, nor am I exactly quiet about celebrating my financial successes via my social media outlets. So in a way, I asked for these constant interruptions. One of the keys to my success is sheer, single-minded focus on hitting my daily financial goals. To be completely honest, it’s pretty hard to meet said financial goals when taking an hour out of my day (nearly every day) to explain how I make a living.
Unfortunately, most of my friends wait to ask for advice on how to become a freelance writer until they are in dire financial positions. Let me state this from the start:

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