shrew (n) :
1. "small mammal," O.E. screawa "shrew-mouse."
2. "peevish, malignant, clamorous, spiteful, vexatious, turbulent woman" [Johnson] c.1386, from earlier sense of "spiteful person" (male or female), c.1250, traditionally said to derive from some supposed malignant influence of the animal, which was once believed to have a venomous bite and was held in superstitious dread.

Synonyms: amazon, battle-ax, bitch, calumniator, carper, dragon, fire-eater, fishwife, fury, harpy, harridan, hell cat, hellion, hussy, madcap, muckraker, nag, ogress, scold, she-wolf, siren, spitfire, termagant, tigress, virago, vixen, wench

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Life of a Freelance Writer and One Quasi-Review

So right up there at the top of this blog it says "tales of a the life of a freelance writer," and you know what's hilarious?

I haven't been posting here lately because I've been too busy with my freelance writing.

Does this count as a tale of the life of a freelance writer? Ironically? I would ponder this, but that means I would have to type some more. And I've been doing that all day.

In other news, I finished The Fall of The Kings by Ellen Kushner, the third in her fantasy series that begins with SwordspointI skipped The Privilege of the Sword because I am an idiot, even though I hear it is a great book. I might go back and read it. These books are amazing, and I can't recommend them enough. If you enjoy historical novels and city novels, you will enjoy Kushner's books. And of course, they have boys who love boys in them. Which makes it better. And that's all the "review" I have in me now. Terrible, I know.

Regular reviews will return when morale improves.

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